1,618 Children Tested Positive for Covid-19 in Uttarakhand in 2 Weeks

mid the second Covid-19 wave, around 1,000 children below nine years of age have contracted the deadly coronavirus infection across Uttarakhand in the last ten days, as per the state health department.

While conditions for some children deteriorated, they were immediately admitted to hospitals for treatment.

As per the Health Department, only 2,131 children contracted infection in the last year, while 264 children tested positive from April 1 to April 15. So far, 1,053 cases reported from April 16- April 30, and 1,618 from May 1-May 14.

There are 771 active cases per one lakh people in the state which is seven times more than that of per one lakh people in Uttar Pradesh, Anoop Nautiyal, President of Social Development for Communities Foundation (SDCF) told NDTV.

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